Steve Sopchak/Square Studio

Eyes Averted, Souvenirs

Steve Sopchak is a recording engineer, who has owned and operated a recording facility in Central New York called The Square Studio, LLC for about 7 years. He is a drummer at heart, and has been touring across the US with his technical hardcore/punk band‘Eyes Averted’ for the past five years. As a multi-instrumentalist, he shows his softer side while playing guitar in his current solo project ‘Souvenirs’ and the now-defunct indie act called ‘The Bells and Whistles’. Steve graduated summa cum laude from SUNY Oswego in 2008 as a marketing major, and has taken his studio full time since. For Steve, there has been no greater reward than forming lasting friendships with his clients, growing with them, and letting that growth fuel both parties’ collective progress as artists. He plans to continue to take the necessary steps towards making his space the best sounding, most practical, and most comfortable place to make a record in town. His relationship with Green Mountain Drums is one of those steps, and it has positively contributed to his sound both as an engineer and as a player.