Welcome to Green Mountain Drums

The finest handcrafted wood hoop drums.

Vermont Made Shells

Made from the finest hand selected wood in Cambridge, Vermont. GMD’s unique process gives each drum their own distinctive voice.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Green Mountain Drums fits all of their drums with hand machined Stainless Steel Hardware. Rust, Chip and Pit free. Guaranteed.

Custom Finishes

Metallic lacquers, furniture grade stains, sparkles, pearls or original art work.

Green Mountain Drums Artists

Matt Burr

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Rob Griffith

Bronze Radio Return

Jesse Rosenfield

Spielpalast Cabaret, Myra Flynn

Steve Sopchak/Square Studio

Eyes Averted, Souvenirs

Matt Douglas


Stephen Morabito


Green Mountain Drums

132 Railroad Street

Cambridge, Vermont 05444

(802) 644-5050



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